image BC, a boiling cauldron?

cropped-mission-hills-view-south-2.jpgToday, just a few days after the British Columbia Throne speech in the legislature, I’ve come to realize that politics, in this beautiful province, has become a travesty.  Some of you understand this.  But I find that even the care workers, that come into my home, are really politically uneducated, and distanced from what is really going on here.

Each of us live in our own little bubblesseldom aware of the boiling cauldron that those in positions of power have under us.  We go through our days, with the odd grumble about tax, or government ripping us off.   Even going so far as to suggest someone should do something about this, then we head off to buy groceries if we can afford them.  Many are having to cut back or going deeper into debt buying the sales items.  Then we put them on a credit card, which if lucky has less than 29% interest accruing.

Our thoughts are about family.  Do we have enough to pay the bills this month?  What show is on TV, what the Kardashians are up too, though even Trump, is garnering more attention than they are now.  We are fed a constant stream of advertising, shows that manipulate our view of the world, our world as it matters to us.

Buy more, spend more, work harder to accumulate the latest which often was designed several years ago, we are brainwashed into believing if we don’t have the latest phone, the latest game, the best looking car, or the biggest, most expensive home.  Or, the career that is usually one step above our competency level.  Reminds me of a book The Peter Principle by Dr. Laurence J. Peter.  The basic premise was just that.  Where one is promoted through rank, elected by peers, that we tend to rise one level higher than we can fully cognitively handle.

Now let’s get on about politics.  OMG you say?   “I think I’ll just tune out, they’re all the same anyway.  My vote won’t make a difference.  Why do I even care about this anyway? I’d rather visit with my friends over a glass of wine.  Sit and watch a TV comedy or drama, troll the internet.  I’ll immerse myself in something pleasurable; go on a hike, cycle, go to the gym, hang out with friends, maybe even go dancing.”  God forbid that we should talk religion or politics.

Well if you hadn’t noticed everyone has something to say about religion now. Islamophobia, my definition is “I’ve never read the Qu’ran, but just ask me, I’ll tell what it’s about”.  But I don’t want to talk about that.  By the way, I have read it, and the Bible many times, and several other religious texts. Even thought about going to theology school at a time in my life.  I self studied theology but I digress.

What I want to talk to you about is politics, no, not the President of the United States, although Mr. Trump may be in my conversation somewhere, enough is being said.  I will weigh in on what is happening much closer to home.  OMG, again about politics.  YES

I hope I haven’t lost you, I would love it if you would come along for, what I think is, an interesting ride.  My focus of my first blog is going to pave the way for discussions that I wish will become common conversation for British Columbian’s.  This is from my viewpoint, a grandmother with disabilities, who has lived in our beautiful province for over 50 years.

Please don’t think I’m talking down to you.  I really want a conversation that ignites your passions to include making British Columbia truly the best place in our world.  Which will include a discussion on how a province, our province, is managed.  And how it must be protected in its present beauty for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Until next time,

Ryanna Evans  follow me on twitter @RyannEvans



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