The Forgotten of the Forgetful

Hope I still have your attention!  As we head to my second entry, into what will be, for the first week or so, a chance for you to see where we are heading.  We’ll find where British Columbians have been left behind.  Before the BC Election May 9, which isn’t all that far away, we have a duty to educate ourselves and others about the importance of voting.

When I was young… Now if that line doesn’t put you to sleep,  stop rolling your eyes, and dispense of the “here she goes again part”, because I think this matters.  …my father lectured us about our duty to vote in a most gentle way.  He served in the RCAF for the duration of WWII for a reason.

Because, not protecting us; from those who would rob, steal, murder and do unthinkable things to us; could easily, and stealthily, lull us into a complacency that would, forever, make us slaves in our own land.  Too much protection results in a police state that soon becomes oppressive.  Sadly, many around the world see this scenario every day, but for now we’ll get back on topic.

Failure to involve ourselves in understanding the role of government, may lead to the collapse of our ability to live in safety and security with the most important of basics.  People who seek power should not be allowed to influence governments.  Our basic human rights, the environment, our safety, can  be threatened, even our very existence.

Unfettered world economic manipulation affects us all.  Buying politicians leads to corruption and coercion.  Suppressing  and oppressing your rights and freedoms only lead to unrest and wars.  It has happened, is happening and can happen again.  What can we do about it?   Let’s first talk about what it means to govern in a Canadian democracy.  And, we’ll focus on British Columbia, because you and I must know why we vote, and what we are voting for.

The forgetful are all around us.  Those who could care less about voting.  Ones who spin the past and present by placing blame on others, especially if that other person is running for their seat in the Legislature.  Recently, John McComb of CKNW radio asked Premier Clark to be on his show.  Again, it happened  like many times before, an underling Liberal MLA responded.  An answer about rate increases for ICBC (Insurance Corp. of BC),  blamed it on the NDP for creating ICBC.  Nothing to get your panties bunched, right?  WRONG.

ICBC is a crown corporation that began operation in 1974 to combat the excessive and inconsistent coverage of private insurance.  Its mandate?  Protect BC driver’s from discriminatory  and excessive insurance rates.  If ICBC was such a terrible idea wouldn’t the BC Liberals would have dismantled it over the last 16 years they’ve held the majority in the Legislature?  No.  Instead car owners subsidize the general operating revenues of the government by having a dividend, (a hidden tax) paid to the government coffers from your ICBC premiums.  Recently that dividend was 1.2 Billion dollars!


Did you know any of this?  I found this out, so, if you didn’t, don’t just take my word for it, look it up.  If you have to, make a game of it.  Look up everything you can about how budgets work. Boring?  Guess what?

Stealing from another pocket isn’t balancing the books.  It’s treachery.  It’s the street hustler’s shell game.  As we are citizens of British Columbia, we must demand to see and understand the books, the laws, our rights, and what it really is that will help us remember the past proudly and truthfully.  Access is our right.

What has been forgotten? Many important things coming up to this BC Election. But ICBC is just one example that I will share with you very soon. And as I adapt to this blogging platform I will get it organized and ready for easier perusal and persuasion.  Next time I will cover what I believe is the most important thing to remember about government.

Please don’t forget me. Until we sit down together again,

next time,

Ryanna Evans














One comment

  1. Old-timers like me have not forgotten a time when politicians were held to account by a vigilant and fearless press. And when what we now view as relatively minor foibles occurred on their watch, those politicians stepped aside. Here is an example:

    Contrast that with what is going on today in the press, and in the government. I would argue that what is going on in government is a direct result of the erosion of the once vigilant and fearless press. It’s now possible for a premier to sell a public railway to a private one chaired by his good friend and biggest political financial backer in a tainted process, and when political aides are criminally charged in events deeply connected, for his government to break the law in a shady deal to bring an end to the trial before he and his elected fellows are called to testify. And it’s forgotten by the press.

    Unfortunately many voters don’t have the chance to forget like events; because they never know the details in the first place.

    That has to change.

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