Balanced Budget: If you believe it, Christy Clark has a bridge to sell us.

Here we go again another bunch of pre election promises that just goes to show that for a few million, sometimes billions of dollars the BC Liberals will test the guilability of the taxpayers and voters of British Columbia.  Wow, look over there everybody as we waste our tax dollars to see if we can make you believe that the province is in awesome shape.

Well hate to be the old witch stirring the pot, but we as a province are drowning in a cauldron of debt and future financial contractual obligations.  Most may not be paid for, ever?  And guess what?  The BC Liberals continue to blame any, and all, mismanagement problems on the BC NDP.  You know, those characters led by John Horgan which haven’t sat as government for nearing two decades.  If the BC Liberals are such wonderful financial geniuses then why haven’t they been able to fix things in 17 years.

Wow, that’s long enough to raise a child to be almost eligible to vote. You know the children that suffered through 14 years of forced underfunding of the educational system.  The braggart Liberals are advertising to us, using our tax dollars telling us now they are going to return us pennies on the dollar that they’ve been forced to give back by the Supreme Court of Canada?   Wow, just so generous aren’t they.

You know I’m sure they are trying to spin it to make it look like the NDP’s fault.  Any way if you still believe that the NDP are so terrible then answer me this.  Alberta under the current NDP have about 1/4 of the contractual obligations of BC’s $101 billion.  Don’t leave just yet this isn’t about the NDP, it’s about being informed voters. You decide who to vote for.

No I’m not telling you to vote for the NDP, I’m telling you that a government that has reigned for 17 years can’t blame anything about any current fiscal problems on anyone but themselves.  Now to be fair in the earlier years some things they’ve done for us weren’t all that bad.

Just a moment while I clear my throat.  With Gordon Campbell they actually had some royalties on oil and gas lease revenue.  Under smiley Christy they’ve been giving more away each year and promising the stars as long as you are a corporation willing to play their pay to play game.

Now about that bridge, seems that under the BC Liberals several major bridges have been built and not all of them have been that bad.  I still don’t understand why the Okanagan Lake bridge has 3 lanes to get out of Kelowna, maybe I’m not wanted here because it’s only 2 lanes to get back in.

Now I haven’t recently looked up details on that bridge but Christy promised a second bridge across the lake back in 2013 to entice the West Kelowna voters so she could crawl back in as Premier after defeat in her home riding.  My guess is that there is a cosy deal with one of her exclusive come talk to me if you have the money club buddies that has another contract to study the proposal. Again.

Well I think Ms. Clark would love to see her name on some monumental project in BC.  Maybe Site C?   So now this year the Port Mann bridge which was to be making a profit by now isn’t, with increasing debt instead of $97,000,000 this year.

So because these Public Private Partnerships are such good value for those who are the Private Partner, in this case the Transportation Investment Corp. Christy is going to sell us a bridge to replace the George Massey Tunnel between Delta and Vancouver.  $3.5 billion on another PPP.

Again as with Site C the environmental study and review by the BC Utilities Commission that protects the public interest has been circumnavigated.  The reason is being lost for the bridge.  Once built, the plan is to remove the tunnel and dredge the Fraser River destroying one of the most productive salmon rivers in Canada for the elusive LNG dream of Ms. Clark. (India struck a deal for 1/2 price of what Petronas needs for PNWLNG)

Sorry Christy we really don’t want you to sell us down the river again like you’re doing to the Peace River.  No we don’t want a ten lane bridge when you’ve never even provided the busses for the Massey Tunnel $20 million upgrade that was completed under your watch.  Would be really nice if you thought about how this is going to be paid for other than by the poor.

Enough of your monuments Premier Clarkiu.

Well that felt good to get off my  chest, let’s get together again soon.

Got to go, it’s time to walk Bowser.

Ryanna Evans.


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