Should Political Parties Open Books to Public Scrutiny?

It’s been an interesting week in the world.  The world of BC politics that is.  No don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Its only two months until the BC election and we have a lot of issues that need addressing.  For starters I am sure glad I have a PVR so I don’t have to be brainwashed into complacency on Global TV.   MY GOD, if the BC liberals want to waste taxpayer money like that, right before an election they need a different approach altogether.

Face it if our opportunity is here then why are so many outside of greater Vancouver feeling the pinch on the old wallet?  The amount of bull tweet that we are being bombarded with is utterly astonishing.  Balanced budget is a total outright lie.  I have to be blunt here.  Anyone can balance a budget before you actually spend the money.  But this group that pretends to know what they are doing can’t even get their own books in order.

Rich Coleman (of whom some believe to be all in favour of a Nicaraguan solution for those on disability) all but admitted to “the buying or donating to the BC Liberal party”.  Worried?  Might it not meet the minimal rules for campaign financing dictated by the BC Elections Act?  It’s the line iterated that followed that absolutely floors me.  Is he afraid of a reverse-audit?

Mr. Coleman suggests its almost impossible to do.  With all of BC Elections staff working on preparing voter registrations for May 9th there are no resources.  How very convenient the timing of all of this.  What part of this is an issue?  First implying that it’s almost impossible puts that little fly in my bonnet. Is there something amiss that he doesn’t want us finding?  Or someone?  Are your Spidey senses tingling a wee bit?

If it were something that I had overseen I would be willing and ready to open wide my organizations books for public scrutiny and if you haven’t carefully done your books you’d be sweating somewhat as well.  We know that errors and omissions in bookkeeping is a serious offence.

If the BC Liberal party is so afraid to have its finances scrutinized, it then extends naturally to the questions we have about the accuracy and completeness of the books of The Province of British Columbia.  One of my biggest questions is why doesn’t the government require all of the crown corporations and public private partnerships to use the standardized GAAP methods of accounting and why only when convenient to them.

The system they prefer to use it the same one that brought down the ENRON empire at the beginning of this century. This was coincident to the agreements that showed guaranteed escalating prices for electricity and increasing load demands that were used to justify paying the IPPs incrementally increasing amounts to purchase power we still don’t really need. One of these days if you want I’ll tell you the parallels of BC crown corporate books to ENRON.

Back on track here, speaking of track remember how Christy Clark blocked inquiries into the sale of BC Rail, seems her ex-husband had a lot to do with that.  I’ve wondered how close they still are and how much insider information he receives as they raise their son.  Why did the BC Liberals put the Fast Ferries on the auction block so fast when they had yet to be fully tested and utilized?  Wonder how much they really sold for?  To line who’s pocket?

Why won’t the government explain why they are giving away raw resources so quickly and nearly free. Raw log exports are up, royalties down, pulp mills and sawmills closed and we get a photo-op telling us how they’ve created jobs in forestry. Can’t see the forest for the trees?

Recently BC was compared to Norway, where the resource company profits are taxed at 78%, resulting in a debt free nation. We get word salad from our Premier claiming we are eliminating the operating debt with the lowest corporate tax rates. I couldn’t find any reference to the word operating it her Debt Free BC promise in 2013, and her promises of LNG riches, a trillion dollars a cohort bragged.

We are possibly the deepest indebted province in Canada.  The hidden borrowing for Christy’s dam projects and 10 lane bridges to nowhere, and imaginary LNG the methane dream.  No more alternative facts on BC please Premier Clark.  Let’s see what your bookkeeping really says.

Until my next time,

Ryanna Evans.


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