British Columbia – Government the American Way?

As I follow some wonderful people on Twitter and dig into all of the news sources I can, something rather hideous to me, caught my attention.  In the 2016 US presidential race big money rallied against big money.

On one side Donald Trump playing a character in a strange play where average people, frustrated with Wall Street, wanted the little guy looked after, bought into a narrative that he was one of them.  How a billionaire with all his billionaire buddies managed to outsmart them was easy.

Calculating how to rally the electorate behind them while their plan was all about putting billionaires into the White House.  Claiming to fight Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street affiliations for the working class.  It was a masterpiece in the art of manipulation and contradiction, bait and switch.

Appealing to those who only read the headlines and never delve into the story was easy.  Just look at Twitter, everything you could know in 140 or less.  We all have short attention spans and it’s very obvious.  Spin doctors and campaign managers have studied this thoroughly.

In American Politics a conundrum exists over how best to exploit the resources.  Have the labour for free.  While giving everyone a dream without spending anything.   The American system is a capitalist controlled democracy.   Isn’t that the same for Canada?  NO.

Canada is more of a socialist democracy, at least that’s what it’s been for 150 years.  What is the difference?   My thoughts are that our much harsher winters made us more inclined to look after each other.  But that sadly is changing.

The American capitalism is the American Dream.  Everyone should be able to become rich and famous and drive that Cadillac up the driveway to your Beverly Hills mansion as adoring fans line your route.  Well sorry, but it’s now much closer to an oligarchy.   Governed by the richest for the richest to get richer.

Now what has BC have to do with this?  Campaign financing has been under scrutiny for several years as Premier Christy Clark makes herself available to only the wealthiest of donors who shower gifts and extravagant amounts of cash on her and the BC Liberal Party.

Now this might not seem like much a deal but we’d better snap out of it. Our province is mostly a resource based export industry.  Now that should make us the wealthiest province in Canada.  But guess what?  We have an enormous debt.

Our provincial government has succumbed to the lurid enticement of many rich, many foreign corporations that want to take our resources away from us with little benefit to the average resident of BC.  Its easy for them.  Just make a huge donation to the party in power.

Their agenda is pushed through enabling them to rake in mega dollars.  We pick up the bill for a raw resource, assist them to operate, lower or eliminate their tax or royalty burden.  They cleanup while we get to cleanup their environmental impact.

How many times have we heard the cry to get rid of regulations?  Well that makes it cheaper for companies to make profits.  After all they already paid for it, got invited to a $5000 or more a plate dinner to wag chins with pretty little Ms. Christy.

I would guess that a few flirtatious negotiations and deals are signed, a hasty order in council is written to eradicate a regulation or manipulate a crown corporate board appointment.  Or maybe rubber stamp a project so they can get free power for their industry.

No real logical thought could be in these negotiations, a staged photo-op and away we go.  Where is all this money coming from to give these corporations providing them free power, no regulations, no BC Utilities commission oversight? Why not the taxpayer, the ratepayer the average schmuck like me?  Why not privatize something so that we pay and the profits go to those who made the BC Liberal party coffers grow?

If a laundry company makes a donation, suddenly laundry services at jails and hospitals are being privatized.  Lower paying jobs means less income tax, sales tax, et al being paid into government revenue. Hence MSP premiums, increased ICBC insurance, BC Hydro rates, extra fees for services that were free or elimination of the services, that is if they can’t be privatized.  But hey look at all the money Christy and her party have now.

Yes, let’s let giant American and foreign owned conglomerates sucker us into giving them something for nothing.  Well nothing for us.  Bet those Liberals are smiling and happy their pockets are full.  Those may be quite the after dinner parties I would imagine.

Time to make dinner,

Until next time,

Ryanna Evans.


One comment

  1. Sometimes things have to get really bad before they get better. Like a drug addict hitting rock bottom before hitting the road to recovery.

    Becoming the focus of international ridicule and an RCMP investigation might convince the BC Liberals to change course. Or not. They are serious addicts after all.

    The best and quickest way to recovery in my opinion would be to turf the BC Liberals from government, and have the NDP legislate an election funding program that doesn’t involve a for sale sign on elected office.

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