My BC – My Berating Cynicism

Well after spending days on and off the keyboard I realized that there are just too many individual issues that need to be brought forth before the May 9, Election.  I know it’s only March?  Well its less than 2 months away and I’ve got a lot on my mind.  Sit down while I present my opinions on it.

It started out raining heartily this morning, the sound inside my holiday trailer that is my home I’ve come to appreciate, although noisy, at least is a roof over my head.  The sun burned off the clouds in the afternoon and is streaming through the windows highlighting my ineptness of keeping ahead of the dust.  So its time to shake it off.

A cup of coffee and the keyboard on my lap, my dog snoring by my side here I go.  I’ve spent the last week or more just overwhelmed by all the blatant lies that are being fed to us.  With our neighbours down south I try to believe that we are so much better off.  But as Trump and the GOP tilt the cabinet and the various agencies with climate deniers and warmongers, and the press with Kelly Ann Conway’s alternative facts it’s not hard to be downright cynical about what is happening and has been building for a long time in Canada particularly British Columbia.

I’ve been writing a lot of blog content this last two weeks that hasn’t been published because it’s just to damn long and depressing.  I watched my writing go down the slithery slope into selfish sympathy garnering drivel.  I’ve rambled on about over a hundred items in a list that was supposed to be a few minutes to read.  And now it sounds like I’m about to go down that same path.  Let’s take this up a notch or two.

A friend was in conversation with their family who are just so enamoured with our Premier Christy Clark it made me sick.  Oh she’s been so good, the budget is balanced, there are more jobs than ever, blah, blah, blah, and on they went.  I wondered if jobs are so good then why are half of the family working in Alberta?  One of them stays at home, and the other works in a BC local service job.

The stay at home mother, whose husband works nearly a thousand kilometres away in northern Alberta, says they pay %59 income tax.  Blames it all on Trudeau couldn’t have anything to do with all the years of Harper because he was so good to the economy as well.  Well hate to break it to you but if you add in all extra hidden taxes in BC such as BC Hydro rates, ICBC rates, MSP premiums, extra road taxes at the pumps, BC carbon tax, extra fees for certain medications and health services such as physiotherapy, escalating property taxes etc. she probably isn’t far off on what they pay in taxes.

How this is suddenly Trudeau’s fault is beyond me.  Perhaps I’m not seeing the whole picture.  What I do see is that for me I may have to move soon, my landlord wants to sell so there is no way that I’ll be able to come up with a down payment and this is for an RV lot to park my trailer on so that I have a place to live.  I’ve been examining the classifieds and there is no way to afford rent anywhere else.  I’m busy praying for a miracle but that’s another blog some day.

Many like myself, a senior with disabilities, are facing enormous increases in everything. The food budget is more strained, insurance, rent, hydro are all outstripping the income at an alarming rate.  Having to live near a hospital we are stuck as to where we can live.  As hospitals have been centralized under the BC Liberals it means real estate near them is too expensive for the poorer folks in our communities to find reasonable accommodation near necessary care.

Meanwhile, Christy Clark bragging about consecutive balanced budgets.  Doesn’t even bother to pass her latest one before shutting down the legislature early so that she can avoid questions about the RCMP investigation.  BC Liberal fundraising and conflicts of interest with foreign donations and the breaking of her own inadequate rules for party donors, questions avoided.  Seems convenient.

A few carefully planned phot0-op announcements and none of the promised legislation passed then off to another pay to play party fundraiser to give big corporations the chance to steer the taxpayer dollars to the donors pockets.  More on this in a later blog.  Is the budget really balanced if it isn’t passed?  A bill on campaign reform made a nice segway but it wasn’t passed.

Oh well I guess it’s thanks for letting me be a little cynical this time.

Next time I’ll try to focus on something that will interest everyone who needs to vote.

Talk then,

Ryanna Evans.




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