BC’s Spring Election

BC Springtime in the Okanagan valley is arriving later this year than last few years.  We are more interested in heading out to work in yard, setting up the lawn furniture, getting out for walks, spring cleaning out of the cobwebs.

This Spring the BC government, under Liberal leader Premier Clark, are shovelling out funding announcements and staging photo-ops prior to the writ being dropped on April 11.  The writ ends the legislature to allow for the official campaign season for the May 9 election.  All of the announcements, as we all should know, are nothing more than posturing, trying to buy our votes with our own money.

A special prosecutor has been assigned to investigate the campaign finances for illegal use of contributions and possible conflict of interest allegations of the BC Liberal party.  The flood of the announcements that seem to peak around 4:00 PM every Friday of late to muddy the information about such investigations.

Interestingly enough, some of these announcements have been handed to us before in 2013.  Seismic upgrades for schools, maintenance that should have been completed years ago.  Ever wonder who was in power when all that neglect started?  Why none other than our BC Liberal party since 2001 a whopping 16 years.

Our votes are the shareholders approval to hire a new management team.  We must be held accountable too.  We have a duty to hire the right people to manage the assets and services of our province to provide the best long term investment value for our tax dollars.  Fiscal responsibility doesn’t mean balanced budgets that aren’t properly independently audited annually while hiding crown corporation and mega project costs and debts.

We hire the Premier and team to do a job for us.  If they haven’t done it right yet and have neglected to maintain what we already own, meanwhile draining our bank account then we’d ask for full accountability.  But we forget that we need to ask constantly for full accountability all the time.  Which, judging by various Freedom of Information requests from opposition members and media hasn’t been forthcoming.

Why should they release the business cases and details of the handling of our taxpayer bank accounts?  Why wouldn’t someone seeking re-election be ready and willing to release all the details.  If they won’t, then we as shareholders have some very serious questions to ask of our current management team who work for us.

What are they hiding?  Why do they snowball us with re-announcements and non answers when we want real management instead of them constantly making more promises.  We have a duty to review what promises they offer.  We must demand to see the business case for each spending announcement and who and what businesses benefit.  Will it go to proper tender?  We should look back at the 16 year record of the BC Liberal party and ask why do they keep blaming things on the BCNDP?  Deflection is terrible in business and worse in politics.

Now even today, when most of the old guard of the BC NDP party have left and John Horgan is at the helm, we still hear things being blamed on the NDP.  Seems to me if you haven’t fixed anything that you said the NDP was to blame for in your first year or two of power then you should have been fired from the job after your first 4 year term in 2005?

If you gave a resumé that presented your opinion of the other guy applying for the job you would never have been hired in the first place.  So why do we allow this in politics?  If your opinion of someone else being incapable of doing the work rather than what you’ve demonstrated as your capabilities and abilities is your resumé then refusal to hire you on the spot would be the order of the day.  Your track record displayed to those hiring you to see without redactions, even your failures rather than slandering your rivals is a far better way to get the job of Premier and Ministers to the crown of British Columbia.  Or anywhere else for that matter.

But here comes the process of elections.  This is where you present your resumé and if it’s full of spending all of my money without a business case and carefully manipulated so that those who recommended you get kickbacks then you don’t belong in the business.  If it also contains why the other doesn’t deserve the job then what are you doing to us?

The Premier of the province is an elected official that is hired by the province to represent the best interests of those who hired them.  We private citizens, voters, are the shareholders.  This election is the shareholder meeting where we are  to rate you on your performance and see if you held your promises. If you aren’t representing our vision of where we need to go then its time for you to step down and let another represent us.

What will drive you to vote this May 9?  Will you select the most capable of being honest and forthright or will you pick the one that points the fingers at others?

Oh look, a squirrel.

Welcome to Spring,

Ryanna Evans.



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