The Mystery About Me

Many years ago I began writing as a stress reducer.  I had my private journals, poems that no one will ever see, and a novel that very long ago collected more rejection letters than my filing cabinets could hold. As my smith corona portable typewriter rested under the desk, gathering enough dust to build several mountains, my life moved on.

Work consumed me, raising three children was my joy but I often wasn’t there for them, however they all became very independent successful wives and husband. Each one blessing me with beautiful grandchildren.

My life has been interesting, at least to me it has. I never minded spending the countless hours on thousands of business cases, business plans, writing reports, technical and instruction manuals. Many, now, for obsolete systems and techniques. Years of schooling paved the way.

I’ve lived  and worked in many different towns and cities on this continent. From penthouses to pup tents I’ve enjoyed it all. I’ve traveled for business and for pleasure. Camped and travelled many of the backroads of northern Saskatchewan. Camped hundreds of nights in the wilderness of British Columbia under the milky way.

I now live a life that is at the bottom end of the social economic ladder.  Debilitating physical ailments plague me now.  Anxiety and depression has made my life far more challenging than I ever thought it could be.

But for all of this I am a designated PWD person with disabilities. My roommate has the same lot in life.  Together we stress over financial and health issues continually.  From this blog forward, I hope to inspire you.  Perhaps humour you a little, and enjoy a conversation.

So pull up a chair, this morning over coffee, this evening over a glass of wine.  Let’s talk about and do something worthwhile.  I’m focusing on politics in British Columbia and hope to inspire you to be involved.  Let’s influence the government to see our vision together of a better British Columbia.

Before the wine glass is empty, let’s plan and understand together what conversations need to be said.  What we can do to make our lives better.

Merlot or chardonnay?  I have a seat by the window reserved for you…

Ryanna Evans